Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music City U.S.A. weekend for trade!

Hailey, Ali, Thomas, and Brady give a "thumbs-up" over our new trade.

Guess what we have to trade with you? We have a two night's stay at the World Famous Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and two Grand Ole Opry tickets! This adventure is worth $600! What a great get-away! This would make a terrific Valentine surprise for your loved one , a special anniversary or birthday gift, or just a treat for yourself. And, you may choose when you wish to have this adventure.

Mrs. Cochrane's students are thrilled to have the Music City weekend for trade!
Now, we can't wait to hear from you. This would be especially terriific for all of you friends outside our great state of Tennessee that we know have followed our blog. Or, just think how awesome this would be for all of you friends who have followed this blog from outside the U.S. Remember that this is not for sale.
We want to trade-up!
We started with a 64 cent rubberband ball and believe it or not, now we are looking to trade-up for a $600 Music City get-away. So, look around for something to trade. We will consider all offers. We will consider artwork, jewelry, services, antiques, you name it. Be creative ! It doesn't have to be anything new - just a trade up. Remember, that whatever we own in April, we will auction off and donate the money toward micro-lending in developing countries. Please contact our teacher, Rita Cochrane, at rita.cochrane@lipscomb.edu with your trade offer.
We can't wait to hear from all of you!
Happy Trades!
Mrs. Cochrane's Class

Monday, December 15, 2008

We've traded!

Thanks for being patient, all of you out there who have been checking our blogspot. We had a snow day on Friday (Yippee!) which meant we could not vote on our trade. We voted today and plan to make a trade tomorrow. So, check back tomorrow afternoon because we are very excited about what we will have to offer.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Yippee!! We have Grand Ole Opry Backstage Passes to Trade!

Mollie, a WSM representative, trades Grand Ole Opry passes
for our $300 Ms Concierge gift card.

The seventh grade class at David Lipscomb in Nashville, Tennessee has traded-up with 650 AM WSM radio and are the proud owners of two backstage passes to a performance of the Grand Ole Opry. If you love country music, then you will want to trade with us for this! These backstage passes could be yours!

With this trade, you will:
*Be allowed to choose the performance you wish to attend
*Be escorted through the backstage artists' entrance
*Tour the "off-limits" areas of the opry
*Mix and mingle with the Opry crew and cast
*Be given a "shout-out" from the stage of the Opry which will be broadcast over WSM airways
*Actually sit on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry during the entire performance
*Receive a WSM prize pack

WOW! This offer is never for sale. The only way you can have this is to trade-up for it.

For those of you who thought you would never get this opportunity, this is your lucky day! So, how can you own this incredible night? Remember that we want to "trade-up", meaning that we want to get something worth more than the value of this awesome opportunity. We started out with a 64 cent rubberband ball and now own these two Opry backstage passes. Our class will continue trading up until April at which time we plan to auction off our final trade and donate the money to micro-lending in undeveloped countries.

We can't wait to hear from you. If you would like to trade with us and become the owner of the Opry experience of a lifetime, please email our teacher, Mrs. Cochrane at rita.cochrane@lipscomb.edu . We will evaluate all offers every Friday, so get those offers in by Thursday night.

Lauren and T.J. show off our Grand Ole Opry backstage pass and Mollie takes the MS Concierge gift card for WSM to donate to the March of Dimes auction.

Happy Trades,

Mrs. Cochrane's seventh grade class

Friday, December 5, 2008

We traded for something money can't buy - Priceless!

We are excited to announce that Lipscomb's seventh graders have accepted the trade of two back-stage passes to the Grand Ole Opry performance of your choice. The two passes include backstage entrance to the Opry by the artists' door, the chance to mingle backstage, sit on the stage during the opry performance, and much, much more. We will be making our official trade on Monday with the WSM radio representative. On Monday night, be sure to check back for photos and all the details. Remember, this is a trade that is never for sale. The only way you can get this is to offer us something in trade. We are looking to trade-up.

Happy Trades!

the 7th grade class at David Lipscomb in Nashville, Tennessee

Monday, December 1, 2008

New offers of trade are coming in

Be ready on Friday for us to announce our new item for trade. We have offers coming in that we will be voting on this Friday and making our announcement. If you do not wish to trade for the gift certificate, be sure you check back with us Friday evening to see what we trade for. It may be just what you want!
Happy Trades!