Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now We Have TWO Guitars to Trade!!

Bria, Kaleigh, Elly, and Mrs. Cochrane took our one-of-a-kind guitar to the 4 Amigos guitar show in Franklin, TN this weekend. Although we did not get a "trade up", we did meet lots of great guitar fans willing to help our cause. Mr. Jimmy Clanton, a high school teacher from Birmingham, AL donated a vintage ukulele to help raise money for micro loans. The ukulele has a value of approximately $200 - $250. ( Mr. Clanton also owns "Vintage Instruments, Single-Action Guns and Antiques" and can be reached at Two other wonderful, anonymous guitar fans donated money to be added to our final amount. What a great group of musicians these were!
So, now we have our original Mark Camden, hand-painted guitar (with a legal, written appraisal of $2000) along with a vintage ukulele and we want to trade with YOU!
We will consider any item/service valued at more than the $2250 that we currently possess. Remember that we began this project with only a rubber band ball and now are up to $2250 in value. Also, remember that by trading up with us, you will help cure poverty around the world. All proceeds from the sale of our final item at the end of April will be donated to aid poverty stricken countries around the world. Do you have something in the attic or garage that you don't use anymore? If it is worth more than what we have, make us an offer. Contact our teacher, Mrs, Cochrane with all offers at We can't wait to hear from you.
Happy Trades.
Mrs. Cochrane's Seventh Graders

p.s. A special thanks to "Classic Ax" who helped us by putting new strings on the guitar and donating a guitar case. If you are in the Nashville area and need a great guitar repairman, check out Classic Ax and ask for Greg.
Also, thanks to Mr. Dave Crocker of 4 Amigos guitar show for allowing us to come.