Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music City U.S.A. weekend for trade!

Hailey, Ali, Thomas, and Brady give a "thumbs-up" over our new trade.

Guess what we have to trade with you? We have a two night's stay at the World Famous Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and two Grand Ole Opry tickets! This adventure is worth $600! What a great get-away! This would make a terrific Valentine surprise for your loved one , a special anniversary or birthday gift, or just a treat for yourself. And, you may choose when you wish to have this adventure.

Mrs. Cochrane's students are thrilled to have the Music City weekend for trade!
Now, we can't wait to hear from you. This would be especially terriific for all of you friends outside our great state of Tennessee that we know have followed our blog. Or, just think how awesome this would be for all of you friends who have followed this blog from outside the U.S. Remember that this is not for sale.
We want to trade-up!
We started with a 64 cent rubberband ball and believe it or not, now we are looking to trade-up for a $600 Music City get-away. So, look around for something to trade. We will consider all offers. We will consider artwork, jewelry, services, antiques, you name it. Be creative ! It doesn't have to be anything new - just a trade up. Remember, that whatever we own in April, we will auction off and donate the money toward micro-lending in developing countries. Please contact our teacher, Rita Cochrane, at rita.cochrane@lipscomb.edu with your trade offer.
We can't wait to hear from all of you!
Happy Trades!
Mrs. Cochrane's Class


Anonymous said...

What an excited class! ^__^

Anonymous said...

WOW! this is one heck of an excited class!

Anonymous said...

I herd about this on the radio! Then i went to WSMradio.com to find the access to this webpage! This is an AMAZING idea! At this moment i don't have anything to trade but will have one later! GOOD LUCK! and Collin K. Had an amazing idea! you really need to get him "more active" in this project!

Anonymous said...

I just love how in all of the pictures it is different students every time! This really shows that the kids are truly excited about your project which is wonderful! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!! I hope you guys can get the trade of a lifetime!