Thursday, January 22, 2009


We are very excited to say that we have accepted an out-of-state trade offer for our two nights at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and the two Grand Ole Opry tickets! The trade is to take place on Sunday, February 1. We are keeping the exact offer a secret for the moment, but you will want to check back on February 2 for all the exciting details. I know you will want to trade for this next one! We are definately on our way to improving the lives of many people around the world. YIPPEE!

Happy Trades!
Mrs. Cochrane's 7th grade class

p.s. To see the details of our project, how it started, and how you can help aid micro-lending in poverty-stricken countries around the world, click on the rubberband ball icon at the top of this page.

Friday, January 9, 2009

We chose to keep our Music City Getaway!

After voting on our trade offer today, the seventh grade students have chosen to hold onto our $600 getaway. This is great news for those of you out there trying to decide on a trade. You have until next Thursday, the 15th to contact us with trade offers. Here is what we have:

A Two Night Stay at the World Famous Gaylord Opryland Hotel
Two Grand Ole Opry Tickets!

The great thing is that you may choose the date you wish to come to Nashville for this getaway as long as there is the availablity.

This would make a terrific
Valentine, Anniversary, or Birthday surprise!

So, look for an item to trade up with us. Remember that whatever we have in April, we will auction off and all proceeds will go to aid undeveloped countries around the world through micro-lending.

For all trade offers, contact our teacher, Mrs. Cochrane, at

Happy Trades,
the Seventh Graders at David Lipscomb Middle School